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CCM RBZ 60 грип. взр. клюшка

Код #ccm-hk-M101SR-HSRB60
Цена: 5390руб


Размеры и вид товара может отличаться от представленного на картинке.
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CCM Hockey and TaylorMade Golf have partnered together with a collaboration of performance enhancing technologies and innovations in the RBZ stick line. The RBZ 60 features a constant flex profile in the shaft, which gives you more of a customized kick point that is determined by the placement of your lower hand. The RBZ 60 is adaptable to your playing style. The senior shaft uses a Traditional geometry with square-corners, while the intermediate and junior uses a Contoured geometry with rounded corners. The shaft itself has a grip finish and is made using an aerial grade carbon that extends internally to the heel of the blade. CCM refers to this as their Spear construction. There is a slight visible taper low on the stick, which allows for the spear configuration where the blade and shaft are fused together. Although the RBZ 60 does not use the same Speedblade Technology that is found in the RBZ, it does use an extra stiff blade construction with foam core and a single bridge. This construction helps to keep the face of the blade closed while shooting. You get accuracy-enhancing features at a great value in a high end look with the RBZ 60 from CCM.

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