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Sher-Wood Nexon N12 взрослая композитная клюшка

Код #sherwood-hk-nexon-n12-sr
Цена: 8540руб


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SNIPER SUPER ELITE TECHNOLOGY: One-piece spear shaft construction with enhanced low kickpoint made with premium high modulus 3K carbon weave. Effortless loading with active response for a lightning-quick wrister or deadly slap shot. Ultimate pop, power and control. PRO BALANCE: One-piece construction that eliminates the double wall and thin blade design for reduced weight in the blade area. The stick will never feel bottom-heavy with a higher balance point for eased-up stick handling VARIMAX SUPER ELITE TECHNOLOGY: Layers of premium super lightweight carbon fiber strategically positioned from top to bottom. Better energy return and pop with end-to-end stability for ultimate shot accuracy and power PRO FIT: Refined radius and concavity of the sidewalls with a consistent flex profile. Perfect hand fitting for unbelievable stick control with a consistent performance over time PURE SENSE TECHNOLOGY: Shaft runs through the heel of the stick for a constant contact with the ice and the puck. The player gets a tangible feeling of the puck for a pure body extension and increased control FOAM STABILIZER SUPER ELITE TECHNOLOGY: Light high-density foam core blade reinforced with premium high modulus 3K carbon weave. Dampens high frequency shocks for greater feel with ultimate stiffness for better shot accuracy Weight: 430g Length: 60in. Blue: PP26, PP61, PP96, PP01 & PP88 Charcoal: PP09, PP77, PP12, PP05 & PP20 White: PP26 & PP88

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